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national floors direct Reviews

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  • national floors direct / horrbile service and quaity

    I had gotten a floor installed 3 years ago or so and it was not installed correctly. I complained and the manager came out to my house and told me it was fine. Well it wasn't and they would not do anything at all to help. I spent almost $4000 on a floor that was not correctly installed and they did nothing. My floor now is coming up and the molding are lifting up all around the floor. The floor is very scratched as well. I was also told by a professional that the floor installed was not laminate which is what i paid for. I would never use or recommend this company to any one.... More...
    beckybrainerd's Picture   beckybrainerd    0 Comments   Comments
  • National floors direct steals your money!

    We had two reps come out to our home because we wanted new hardwood floors installed. The salesmen promised us that the installers would do some things that we wanted. We gave them a 1,000.00 dollar CASH deposit. The two installers showed up two days later. The didn't speak a word of English so we had to call National Floors Direct to get someone to translate for us. The installers brought the wrong hardwood floor and didn't have the molding trim. They said they wouldn't install the molding trim. They also said they wouldn't do the things promised by the salesmen. The... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Dmorriss's Picture   Dmorriss    0 Comments   Comments
  • National Floors Direct

    These people are scoundrels! We were told we would receive the same quality carpet that we presently have! You can see by the photo it is not the same! They said "after you vacuum a few times, it will get thicker". Does carpet grow?? Then they said they would install a better quality carpet for the same $2,000. Price tag! ( that's what we should have got in the beginning! They scheduled a installation date and never showed Up! Found put we were not scheduled for install. We paid in full and wanted to cancel our order all together, but they refused to return our 2,000... More...
    billnpat's Picture   billnpat    1 Comments   Comments    MeasuredUp iPhone Application   Mobile app review
  • National Floors Direct does not honor contracts

    They're at it again! Had the stair carpet put in this morning as the 2nd part of the job started last week (see my other review). ANOTHER AWFUL INSTALL! I inspected it, pointed out the issues, installer "Sam" refused to fix them, said it was done properly, even though parts were fine and other parts were not. He quickly left, saying he had to get to the next job! Called company (no idea how many times Ive spoken to them over the last week), spoke with Livia who is always contradictory of herself and will lie to you. Don't believe their "1 year warranty of... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    davidjpt's Picture   davidjpt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flooring pulling up everywhere

    To National Floors Direct, I recently filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office because of you shoddy workmanship and flooring you sold us. Just as as expected, you did absolutely nothing to try to help with the crap Laminant floor you sold us! As for the salesman, he said it would not scratch and if I wiped up piss right away, it would not effect the floor! He's a lier and you company is CRAP! I never said the dogs could piss all over the floor! I will tell everyone what a horrible company you are. By the way, Armstrong actually sent someone out to look at the... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    chauvir's Picture   chauvir    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible flooring and installation

    NFD did a TERRIBLE job installing a sub-par product. The floor is lifting, there are lumps under the carpeting. The customer service is the absolute worst ever! Rudest installers I have EVER encouintered, I almost called the police, and the installer also told his boss to go to hell. I can see its a trickle down operation.The president Rosenberg should smarten up and learn how to run a decent operation and stop ripping consumers off with his inferior products,installation and so called "Customer Service (non-existant)"! More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Terrible Experience!

    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT!!! They do not stand behind their product or installation. Our beautiful oceanview home has the WORST flooring you could imagine, terrible product,rude installers, I had to threaten to call the police, then they had to send another installer whose work was equally as bad. Go with anyone but these sheisters! I have already submitted form to the Attorney General, and will also go to the Better Business Bureau. They have THE WORST customer service, they put you on hold forever and wont address complaints. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    jeanmotha's Picture   jeanmotha    0 Comments   Comments
  • Laminate Floor Installation

    Still having issues with our laminated flooring installation. We have sent messages many times. The problem was there from day 1 with a hump in the floor. We even showed the salesman Joel when he came to take the order to get new flooring for our bathroom which was all messed up, They messed up all our molding, I'm sure you remember but I still have the photos. The lifting and shifting of the flooring keeps getting worse. Last time you called us back maybe Sept or October you said it was a humid summer and it was a floating floor to give it awhile and it would go back in place.... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Refund

    We called nfd and meet with there representive. I decided to go ahead with the carpet and gave them a 600 deposit. That night I looked at our carpet and pulled it up a little in the closet, the thickness was at least double so I called to cancel. They offered me a better price but there quality isn't what I wanted. I called to cancell the same day! Well they said my refund would take 10 days I said the banks are not even open and I just gave you my check they said it was there way of doing it they had to cash my check then give me a refund. Okay whatever not the end of the world... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Amm18's Picture   Amm18    1 Comments   Comments
  • Awful customer service

    I want to preface the fact that I have had another experience that was great, however this time not so much. We decided to wait after paying in full for a carpet installation. Since we cancelled one day later we have been waiting over 7 weeks for our refund. Excuses have been..accounting is behind, they are on lunch at 330 eastern time then leave office at 4, and my favorite it was mailed on the 15th with a made up date by customer service rep Carl. They are unprofessional even stating that I have been calling too much and that I must have nothing better to do. Once I informed Carl i... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Mleander823's Picture   Mleander823    1 Comments   Comments
  • Robbed

    I wish I had read these first. I had National Floors Direct come out, give me an estimate, they sold me hardwood flooring at a good rate. The hell really began with the installation process. Never mind they showed up late, couldn't do the job that day had to plan another time etc. etc. etc. I was robbed, while they and I were on the top floor of my home, the first floor was robbed. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM NATIONAL FLOOR DIRECT, THEY SEND SUBCONTRACTORS WHO ROB YOU! More...
    (Home Improvement)
    FloorGoneBad's Picture   FloorGoneBad    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Experience

    I had National Floors Direct come out and give me an estimate on carpet. He totally was a car salesman. He gave me a quote-told me a decision needed to be made right there and then-and that he needed a down payment. He wouldn't give me anything in writing and said the minute he drove away the offer was out the window. He was rude and Very pushy. I will never use this company nor refer them to anyone. Plus I'd rather support local business, so should you!!! More...
    (Home Improvement)
    blackstone12's Picture   blackstone12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Carpet falling apart

    We had carpeting installed on Sept. 11, 2010. The installer showed up 6 hours late and stayed until 12:30A.M. installing! That was the first complaint. The rug looked okay at first, although not what I thought -- the color and feel of it was off from what I had chosen. Several months passed and I began to notice that it looked very matted down -- like it was very old! The carpet is also slippery to walk on in bare feet. My daughter has now fallen down our carpeted stairs 3 times!!! Our cat occasionally sharpens her claws on the carpet.(As all cats will do). Everywhere that this happens,... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Terrible Carpeting

    We had carpeting installed on Sept. 11, 2010. The installer showed up 6 hours late and stayed until 12:30A.M. installing! That was the first complaint. The rugged looked okay at first, although not what I thought -- the color and feel of it was off from what I had chosen. Several months passed and I began to notice that it looked very matted down -- like it was very old! The carpet is also slippery to walk on in bare feet. My daughter had now falled down our carpeted stairs 3 times!!! Our cat occasionally sharpens her claws on the carpet.(As all cats will do). Everywhere that this... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    mnqj240's Picture   mnqj240    0 Comments   Comments
  • HORRIBLE experience!

    From day one, my experience with this company was a nightmare! I wish that I read these reviews before purchasing my carpet. We paid for a good quality carpet, but got a poor quality carpet instead. The carpet is defective and is already coming apart, and we had only had it for a week or two before this started. Plus the worst part is that the carpet is in a room that we hardly ever use! When we called and filed a claim, first we got no call back and then when we called again we spoke to a rude employee. The employee had no customer services skills at all talked down to my husband. Not only... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    egc5's Picture   egc5    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bait and Switch

    Day of installation, the rug provided was not the same style nor color I ordered. Good ole "Bait and Switch" tactic employed by NFD. Fortunately, I noticed this as soon as the installer showed up with the rug sample. Why I was never notified by anyone from NFD remains a mystery. After trying to convince me this was a better rug of the same color (unless your color blind) with an additional 10% discount, i politely declined. I was then told they could install my original order the following day (this after just being told they were out of stock). When i asked about the 10%... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Bait and Switch

    Purchased rug and installation from NFD after they honored the best price. HOWEVER, when they showed up the day of installation, it was not the same rug nor color I had ordered. When I called to inquire about the change, they told me my order was out of stock and replaced it with a better rug of similar color (if your color blind maybe). Hard for me to believe since no one from NFD had even called to notify me. The installer even told me the replacement rug was not as nice as the one originally ordered. Before canceling the order and declining their 10% additional discount, NFD told me... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    tigerw's Picture   tigerw    0 Comments   Comments
  • Carpet installation

    Had a berber type carpet installed in finished basement, went to vacuum carpet in two different locations, directly on seam of carpet it unraveled right into the vacuum. Sent them a complaint and pictures of the damage and they sent a form letter back stating that if it is a "pull" then it is not their fault. It is not a pull but the seam improperly installed and had a carpet expert take a look at it. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    ne1234's Picture   ne1234    2 Comments   Comments
  • Best of all flooring Companies

    I had Empire Today, Luna and National Floors Direct come by and give me estimates on Hardwood my entire first floor Empire Today quoted me a very high price aand tried to sell me a no name hardwood floor and the sales rep told me that I had a lot more sqare footage than I know I have. Empire Today was definantley trying to take advantage of this Old lady or they thought they were. Luna was just has bad or eevn worse with their prersentation and there product was terrible. National Fllorrs Direct gave me a great price with Armstrong Hardwood and beat the other two prices by a lot.The Sales... More...
  • Could not beat my written quote

    I recently received a written quote from Empire for installation of nearly 1000 sq ft of hardwood flooring. I then called National Floors Direct to get their advertised "we can beat any quote by 15%" deal. When the sales person came the first question he asked was did I have another quote. If so, he wanted to see it so he could just beat the price without doing a single measurement. I refused to give him the quote and made him measure. After he was done, his first quote was significantly higher than Empire. So I showed him the Empire quote. To make a long story short, between he... More...
    hardwood's Picture   hardwood    0 Comments   Comments
  • Carpet installation

    I purchased a carpet from National Floors Direct on 4/27 and the carpet was supposed to be installed on 4/30. The salesman told me I need to be available all day so I had to take the day off. No one showed up and no one called. I finally called at 4 pm and was told that I would have to wait until tomorrow for the installation. Still have not got a time for the install, another day wasted. I would not use them again. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    billd's Picture   billd    2 Comments   Comments
  • Stay away

    Words cannot describe how displeased I was regarding the whole process of buying a carpet from National Floors Direct. I highly advise anyone looking for carpet to "STAY AWAY" from using them! Here are two quotes from the head of their customer service dept (this person answers to ownwership) 1. "We're too busy" and 2. "I don't know what to tell you." They have a 24 hr install guarantee, it took a month to install my carpet. Do yourself a favor, pay the extra money and use another company. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    1234567890abc's Picture   1234567890abc    0 Comments   Comments
  • Why all the complaints?

    My wife and I wanted to replace the old carpet in our basement so she had me call NFD. The guy came out the next morning and showed us a bunch of samples. We immediately spotted the carpet and color we wanted. It was a middle-of-the-road carpet and the salesman did not try to sell us anything more expensive. He just proceeded to tell us that they would remove and dispose of the existing carpet and how the new carpet would go down. We gave him a 10% deposit (which is reasonable) and set the time for the installation. The install was set for 10 a.m. or so and when no one showed by noon I... More...
    mancusoracing's Picture   mancusoracing    1 Comments   Comments
  • Floors Not Installed

    I was sold engineering flooring, upon installation date they said they couldn't cut a wood door. I showed them my contract that showed that it was written into the contract as my salesperson verbally stated this and other facts. After waiting 2 1/2 hours the installer (actually subcontractor who were good people) left but requested per the company to collect my secured check and to leave the product. Luckily this was the only correct choice I made by refusing to release the check to them. Now I want my deposit back, as they could not month later and I can't even... More...
  • warning

    they came to the house and acting like an up front company took order and deposit said I would need a certified check for balance. ok well the show up to put in carpet.three guys none of them could speak english their van leaked oil all over my of the guys smelled like booze and looked to be about 14. I ask if they where licensed he said yeah drivers license. I said no I means contractors or business license. he said no .I said bonded or insured . he said me call boss More...
    schuiedriver's Picture   schuiedriver    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great Prices, Service and Quality!

    My husband and I were looking to purchase carpet for 3 rooms we finished in our basement. In my experience with shop-at-home flooring, I was expecting the price to be on the high side. I had no intention on agreeing to anything when they came to our home for the free in-home estimate. However, the price they quote we nearly half of what I expected! The carpet style and texture was identical to what we had purchased last year at Lowe's. We had spent $1500 for almost half the amount of carpeting that NFD was quoting only $1300 for! The salesperson was wonderful and there was absolutely... More...
    BoomersGang's Picture   BoomersGang    0 Comments   Comments
  • complaint

    This company Fraudulently advertises NO MONEY down and NO Payments for one year that at the end of your appointment with them, and after you have gone through the entire approval process thinking it is done, they spring on you a 10% cash/check downpayment fee to process the order. This should be disclosed up front in the advertising or at least before you make an appointment and commit your valuable time. They say word of mouth is the best sales tool, well it can also work the other way NFD. I will tell anyone who will listen as to how I was victim of your deceiving advertising practices.... More...
    merolla's Picture   merolla    0 Comments   Comments

    WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! This company took my money, sent a bunch of non-English speaking installers out with the wrong carpeting so I stopped them from installing it. National Floors Direct said they would resolve the issue and pulled the guys off the job. Tony (the supervisorfrom NFD) kept promising he would come out to resolve the issue but and stood me up on 2 occasions then he just stopped answering my calls. There is no supervisor above him. They have my $3700.00 and I still have a bare subfloor. I can't believe a frachise like the Red Sox associates with such a... More...
    StevieBonaire's Picture   StevieBonaire    0 Comments   Comments

    I have been waiting for over 4 months for my carpet to be installed. I originally set up the install for the next weekend, they cancelled "carpet was damaged". I rescheduled for the following weekend. They never showed. I called "They said they sent to crew to the wrong house, never bothered to call me. For the next 2 months continued to avoid my calls and complaints. I have sent them letters, filed complaints with the BBB and the attorney general. Tried cancelling my payment, all futile. National Floors Direct finally showed up one day at my house, and began working, 1 hours... More...
    wrch5's Picture   wrch5    2 Comments   Comments
  • Very Unprofessional

    very unprofessional This is absolutely the very worst company I have ever dealth with. I was prompted to use this company as they are advertised to be the providers for the Red Sox. I needed to get carpet installed before having furniture delivered. I ordered onTuesday and was to have it installed on Thursday. Thursday came, no carpet, the installer called at 7:45 in the evening and said he was having trouble with an installation. Friday came and no carpet, I was promised to be installed first one on Saturday and waited all day, NO CARPET. Again, the installer called he was having a... More...

    We ordered a carpet from NFD due to a flood in our sunroom. In a nutshell, they need to spend less time (and money) on their TV ads, MORE ON QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Here's what happened. They came to the house very promptly when we called, and were ready to install the next day. So far, so good; but the "GOOD" ends there. When they sent the person to install the carpet the next day, it was 3 pieces (of Berber) for one 13X18 room. (After a later conversation with a "manager", after finally reaching one, I found out they were doing this to avoid... More...
    spotty's Picture   spotty    0 Comments   Comments

    Buyer beware! This is one of the ompanies I have done business with! They have no idea what they are doing from corporate to the installers. My NEW carpet showed seams 2 weeks after installation and to get a response was like pulling teeth. They were not at all apologetic and the manager had no idea how to handle the situation. I have used Empire and would use then again in a heartbeat. Empire was professional and did a great job. Pass on NFD or you will be sorry! More...
    sascha's Picture   sascha    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rotten installation and quality

    I've left "7" messages at your customer service center regarding my hard wood floors falling apart. I would appreicate the courtesy of a return call. The floor is separing at the seams, there are cracks in the wood all over the place and the step is falling off. I'm very disappointed in your service. I expect more for my money. Either fix the floor or refund my money so I can hire someone else to fix the floor. I've been trying to reach you for over a month. Shame on you. More...
  • cannot get warranty

    We recently had a floor put in and were quite pleased with the product and installation, however we were supposed to get a warranty for the product that was installed. We were instructed to take a copy which was contained in the boxes that the floor came out of. Each box contained a warranty. However that day was quite hectic and we forgot to retrieve a product warranty from the box. Now we have called the company at least five times and have been assured we would get the warranty in the mail, with no results. How hard is it to just take a paper from the box of the product and mail it to a... More...
    tbear's Picture   tbear    0 Comments   Comments
  • BAD!!!!!!!!!

    One word BAD!! Don't use this company! I should have read all the bad reviews before booking. To make a LONG story short, we were scheduled to have carpet. AFter waiting for 3 1/2 hrs. I called and they said that they were on their way. AFter 4 1/2 hours installers came only to tell us that they didn't have enough carpet and they measurements weren't right. AFter telling us they would come back, they never did. Now National Floors is saying we CAN"T get out of our contract which states you have 3 days to cancel. They are horrible to deal with, DON'T DO... More...
    floornot's Picture   floornot    3 Comments   Comments

national floors direct Reviews By Product

national floors direct Comments

joethewelder777 says: (4 years ago)
i had them install 2 rooms and my stairs. they made wrong cuts around spindals on stairs. I called someone came out and tried to make it look better but it wasnt . Ive been calling them for a year and they said someone would call me they didnt. I had a 1 yr warranty. I sent in complaint forms with pictures. one of my phone calls they acknowledged the poor install. No one ever calls me back. I pretended to want a price and got someone riteaway instead of a 20 minute hold which a hung up and called again. This happened 4 times. long/short they will not honor warranty cause its more than a yr. I said u would NOT RETURN MY CALLS. iM NOT DONE WITH THIS. horrible company.

crikey226 says: (7 years ago)
National Floors Direct is the worst company I've ever delt with in my life. I am floored that these people are so laxed when it comes to their customers!! I would NEVER give this company out to anyone. They are a bunch of incompentent subhumans and should have their business closed permanantly!!

Sharig63 says: (10 years ago)
Try returning my phonecall. You sold me customer service as well as floors yet you've failed on both so far.

Sharig63 says: (10 years ago)
I had national floors direct put hardwood flooring in my living room and dining room. Looks great from a far. Now less than 1 year later I'm trying to get them to call me back as the floor is falling apart. The step if falling off and the floor is separating. Forget when they were installing I had to fight with them to finish the job, yes finish the job. Guy walked off the job without finishins it saying that was the best he could do. Let's not forget the wholes in my wall that no one cared about.
Looks like I'm going to have to sue them to get the foor fixed. Unbelievable. Would never recommend ANYONE

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